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Business restaurant "PUUR"

Business cafe PUUR

PUUR is a high quality consumer and client offer delivered through more standardized processes and programs. Developed by our team in the Netherlands, this concept is revolutionizing the Business & Industry market.

PUUR is supposed for those, who is tired from traditional canteen concept and would like to have a staff restaurant of other level.

PUUR has no traditional counter:

  PUUR is not only about food, it is about atmosphere, new look and feel. PUUR restaurant is an ideal place to relax and hide from everyday rush.

  The restaurants offer preparing dishes on the spot and in front of the client. PUUR dishes are always fresh and tasty.

  The PUUR offer includes hot meals, sandwiches, soups, fresh salads made with authentic fresh food, as well as ‘grab and go’ items. Menu is regularly rotated and updated.

In May 2011 we have opened our first PUUR restaurant in Russia in business center «Riga Land». The project was created by professional designers.

Many guests are fascinated with design of the café and like the diversity of offered dishes.